Why Elk Are Such Amazing Species

Elk in the woods of Colorado

Samuleson Outfitters is known for guided elk hunts in rural Colorado. Hunters come from near and far to experience an elk hunt in the wilderness of Colorado where elk are plentiful. What are some cool facts about elk?

Elk Have Fast Growing Antlers

Elk have fast growing bone antlers. Only the male elk grow them, and, in some cases, they can grow as much as an inch in a day! Now here’s where it gets especially interesting— an elk’s antler size depends on the amount of sunlight the elk gets. The sunnier the area, the higher the elk’s testosterone levels, causing the antlers to grow bigger! A full grown male’s antlers could weigh 40 pounds– how about that?

Elk Make Distinct Sounds

Have you ever heard the sound an elk makes during the rut– the mating season? It’s a pitch that’s very high– doesn’t even sound natural, right? Well, male elk use both their lips and nostrils to both roar and whistle simultaneously. That’s the elk bugle call!

Besides the vocal noise they make, elk use the sound of their ankle bones cracking and popping to tell other elk they’re nearby (and vice versa). It’s a way to warn another elk, “Hey, I’m approaching you from behind.”

Elk Have Great Intelligence

Can elk count? Maybe. When researchers present female elk with a potential mate with either 9 or 10 antler points, females almost always select the bull with 10 points. Interesting!

Male Elk Are Interesting Suitors

Finally, and this is a bit gross, some males will dig holes in the ground, fill them with their own urine, and then bathe in it. They’re hoping the scent attracts a mate. What do you think about that one?

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