Hunting is a Major Part of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 10-Year Initiative

For some reason, hunting isn’t quite as popular as it used to be in the United States. Back in the early 1980s, there were about 17 million people who hunted throughout the country. Today, that number has dropped down to about 11 million with more than 2 million hunters moving away from hunting between 2011 and 2016 alone. In an effort to reverse this trend, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has put together the Future Generations Act. They’re hoping it’ll breathe some life back into the hunting industry in the state and get more people to visit state parks over the next 10 years or so. Here are some of the goals of the initiative.

Increase the number of hunters in Colorado

Hunting in Colorado

One of the top goals of the Future Generations Act is to increase the total number of hunters that go out to hunt in Colorado every year. Colorado offers some of the best hunting in the entire country, and the state is hoping to capitalize on it by introducing the younger generation to hunting and hopefully getting them excited about it.

Improve big game populations and wildlife populations as a whole

One way that Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hoping to get young people excited about hunting in the state is by increasing the big game populations as well as the other wildlife populations in Colorado. They believe that, by doing this, they’ll be able to bring more people out to hunt and to enjoy the great outdoors in the state parks situated throughout Colorado.

Provide people with more access to public and private land

Another way that Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking to entice more young people to hunt and visit state parks is by expanding on how much access they must public and private land throughout the state. This would, in theory, get these young people interested in getting out there and exploring all Mother Nature has to offer. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also has its sights set on improving many of the parks and wildlife areas that have been neglected over time.

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