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What Hunting in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is Like

When you decide to hunt elk with Samuelson Outfitters, you’ll find yourself in the Troublesome Basin, which is part of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. All sorts of animals call this area home, from coyotes to mountain lions, beavers to bears, moose to deer, and, definitely, elk. Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest The Medicine Bow-Routt National… Read more »

How Hunting Has Evolved in Colorado

Colorado used to be the “Wild West,” back in the frontier days when settlers were moving westward from states like Ohio and Indiana, in search of new beginnings way out West. Colorado was a place many settlers settled after they got past the Great Plains and came upon the Rocky Mountains. Once in Colorado, they… Read more »

Hunting in Colorado Continues to Grow in Popularity

Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic and shut downs, a lot of people stayed home for weeks if not months on end, and they got a little stir crazy and bored. Sure, people can play video games and watch movies, but that’s not the same as real life experiences outside, like hunting. So, it should… Read more »

How You Can Avoid Being Sick From Colorado’s Elevation While Hunting

Big game hunting in the mountains of Colorado with Samuleson Outfitters can be a thrill of a lifetime, but not everyone is used to being so high up in elevation! How can you avoid being sick from being up so high where the air is thinner? If you don’t want to be overcome by dizziness,… Read more »

How to Keep Your Hands Warm During Frigid Winter Hunts

Warm hands on a cold day? It’s possible. If you want to keep your hands warm during a winter hunt or on a particularly freezing morning, there are gloves, mittens and hybrid options. Finding the Right Gloves is Paramount If you plan to wear gloves while hunting in the winter or other times of the… Read more »

What Those Living on the East Coast May Not Know About West Coast Hunting Trips

Samuelson Outfitters is known for guided elk hunts in rural Colorado, which is, for most Americans, “out West.” After all, many Americans do live east of the Mississippi River and may or may not ever travel out West unless they have a reason to, whether it’s for a family wedding, a vacation, or, perhaps big… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When Planning a Colorado Hunting Trip

Hunter on Horseback

Are you planning a hunting trip? Samuelson Outfitters offers the kind of big game hunting trips people dream about, including excellent elk hunts in Colorado. What are some things to consider when planning a hunting trip? Choose the Season That’s Right For You First, consider the time of year you want to go, coupled with… Read more »

The Benefits of Hunting on Horseback

Hunter on Horseback

You come to a certain point in your life where you like to take advantage of anything that makes life a little easier, right? At a certain age, you don’t have to do things the way you always did them. You’re ready for something a little different. You’re open to new experiences. Case in point:… Read more »

When Do You Need a Hunting Guide?

Some hunters hunt alone. Others hunt in groups. And then there are those who prefer to go with hunting guide to help them with their hunt. When do you need a hunting guide? A Lack of Familiarity If you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, hunting unfamiliar land or unfamiliar animals/birds, then it’s a good idea… Read more »

How Has the Pandemic Affected Hunting in Colorado?

2020 was a tough year for people and places and the hunting industry. The coronavirus pandemic meant that plenty of people stayed home and “quarantined,” rather than going out of the house, doing things people normally do, like hunting trips or going to movies, etc. Meanwhile, wildfires didn’t help the whole situation either-– in Colorado,… Read more »