Reasons to Get Your Child Involved in Outdoor Activities

Children Hunting If you’re of a certain age, you can probably remember a time when it was very common for people of all ages to be into “hunting and fishing.” It seemed to be almost a natural right-of-passage for dads to take sons on hunting and fishing trips, right?

These days take a look around and you’ll see the majority of people, whether they live in cities, suburbs or even rural areas, spending their time plopped down in front of computer, phone and TV screens. They might be trolling Facebook to see what others are posting or they’re playing video games.

When’s the last time you saw children playing outdoors? Sadly, it seems like kids are more used to swiping their screens than casting their fishing lines into real ponds and lakes.

We’re becoming a society that’s too disconnected from the land and from nature– and that’s not a good thing. There are several reasons to get your child involved in outdoors activities.

Have you noticed more and more kids these days are obese? The sedentary lifestyle is bad for their health. They should be outdoors walking, running, playing and exploring whereas they get lots of exercise. Being outdoors not only helps kids be physically fit, but also stimulates their minds and imaginations.

Outdoor activities are learning experiences that you cannot get from books or screens. It’s one thing to see a certain animal in a picture, and it’s another to see them up close and personal in the flesh.

Social interaction is lacking today. Most people just look down at their phones rather than talk to one another in social situations. Participating in outdoor activities gives kids an excuse to put away their screens, talk with one another, joke, and play. Outdoor activities foster social interaction.

Finally, outdoor activities can teach valuable life skills. Samuelson Outfitters, for instance, leads deer hunts, elk hunts and fishing expeditions in Colorado. These trips bring people together in the pursuit of a goal as they bond over real-life adventures.