Remember to Obtain Your Colorado Hunting License

Hunting LicenseAs with hunting in any state in the country, there are so many dates to pay attention to when it comes to small and large game. In Colorado, this is true, especially considering the hunting season is beginning at the end of August for archers. This will continue through mid-November. If you’re planning on participating in any hunting trips – be it elk, bear, or deer – make sure you have a valid license.

As discussed in this Free Press article, Henrietta Turner, license manager for Colorado Parks & Wildlife, said, “A valid license is an important step in planning your hunt this and every year in Colorado. A familiarity with CPW’s hunting regulations and brochures goes a long way to ensure you can hunt with the right tag for the right location where you choose to hunt.”

So August is right around the corner. Are you prepared? Do you know what licenses you plan on applying for? After all, different hunting licenses may require different things. All, however, will require a current photo ID, such as a driver’s license. For there to be successful hunts, there needs to be a sense of order to things. These hunting licenses are crucial in maintaining a balance between hunters, game, and the preservation of the lands we hunt on.

Nowadays it seems like there is a registration for everything, and we’re not just talking about hunting. At least with hunting, licenses are necessary for us to preserve the heritage that we grew up in. It allows us to preserve this lifestyle for our children and our children’s children. Be sure to get the correct licenses or you won’t be able to go on that hunting trip you’ve been planning for months. But remember that licenses aren’t the only thing you’ll need for these upcoming hunting trips; you will also need guides and gear. That’s where we come in, Samuelson Outfitters; contact us today to book your hunting trip today and we’ll you set you up with an adventure of a lifetime.