The Benefits of Hunting on Horseback

Hunter on Horseback

You come to a certain point in your life where you like to take advantage of anything that makes life a little easier, right? At a certain age, you don’t have to do things the way you always did them. You’re ready for something a little different. You’re open to new experiences. Case in point: hunting on horseback…

Hunting on Horseback

If you’re like most hunters, you’ve hunted for years and years by walking on your own two feet, carrying gear with you on your back and on your person. The walks have been long, through all sorts of things, from streams to meadows, up mountains and over rocky terrain. And after those hunts your feet ached! And your legs were tired. Don’t forget about the aching back, either.

So, if you could try something new, why not hunt on horseback? Let the horse do the walking for you, as well as help carry your load. Horses can cover long distances. Since they’re animals, other animals won’t think much of them being around, whereas they’d be much more suspect of a human’s footsteps approaching, right? So, in a way, hunting on horseback could be considered a unique camouflage technique. 

If and when you do get your game, having a horse (or two) can be helpful in hauling it back to camp! 

Do you want to hunt on horseback in beautiful, rural Colorado? Samuelson Outfitters makes that possible, from late May through September, and the price includes staff, horses, tack, saddlebags, horn bags, dome sleep tents, a canopied cook area, hot meals, sack lunch and snacks. You’d even get fundamental riding lessons for the terrain if needed. Why not make 2021 the year you try out hunting on horseback? 

Find out more information and/or make your summer pack trip reservations by calling Samuelson Outfitters of Fraser, CO, at 888-346-7978.